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Vanessa Arbuthnott is very well known and one of the leaders in the field. Her designs are instantly recognisable and great to work with making up beautifully for curtains and blinds. She is always updating her collection and adding in new and exciting designs. Vanessa Arbuthnott fabrics never disappoint and will be around for a long time to come. 

Our favourite - "Japonica Indigo” - lush!

We make handmade curtains and blinds in all Vanessa Arbuthnott fabrics .

Vanessa Arbuthnott Fabric Prices

Fabric Name Colour Price p/m
Acorn and LeafCranberry£48.00
Acorn and LeafDuck Egg£48.00
Acorn and LeafMushroom£48.00
Acorn and LeafStone£48.00
Acorn and LeafStraw£48.00
Baltic StripeClay and Sweet Pea£56.00
Baltic StripeSweet Pea & Lime£56.00
Bird HopCharcoal£49.50
Bird HopDormouse£49.50
Bird HopKale£49.50
Bird HopPigeon£49.50
Bird HopSaffron£49.50
Bird HopSmoke£49.50
Bird HopTeal£49.50
Bird HopDamask£49.50
Bird HopMallow£49.50
Bird HopTerracotta£49.50
Bird HopTomato£49.50
Botanical TrellisRaspberry£48.00
Botanical TrellisClay Charcoal Hay£48.00
Butterfly DancePigeon Teal£48.00
Cockerel & SpotApple Field Green Raspberry£48.00
Cockerel & SpotSky Blue Denim Raspberry£48.00
Cockerel & SpotDuck Egg Sky Blue Raspberry£48.00
Cockerel & SpotStraw Duck Egg Raspberry£48.00
Cow ParsleyCranberry and Stone£48.00
Cow ParsleyStone and Cornflower£48.00
Cow ParsleyCornflower and Duck Egg£48.00
Cow ParsleySand and Cornflower£48.00
Cow ParsleyPigeon and Teal£48.00
Cow ParsleyPigeon and Charcoal£48.00
Cow ParsleyTeal and Pigeon£48.00
Cow ParsleyClay and Cornflower£48.00
Cow ParsleyDuck Egg and Cornflower£48.00
Dandelion TrellisCranberry and Stone£40.00
Dandelion TrellisStone and Forget-me-not£40.00
Dawn ChorusDuck Egg Pumpkin and Winter£49.50
Dawn ChorusMushroom Teal and Winter£49.50
Dawn ChorusTeal and Winter£49.50
Dawn ChorusClay and Sweet Pea£49.50
Dawn ChorusSweet Pea and Winter£49.50
Dawn ChorusDove and Winter£49.50
Dawn ChorusDusky Pink and Winter£49.50
Dawn ChorusLime and Sweet Pea£49.50
Dawn ChorusLime and Winter£49.50
Deckchair StripeForget-me-not and Denim£48.00
Down to EarthLimestone and Raspberry£48.00
Down to EarthApple Green and Raspberry£48.00
Down to EarthHay Charcoal and Clay£48.00
Down to EarthDuck Egg Denim and Forget-me-not£48.00
Feather and EggRaspberry£48.00
Feather and EggSky Blue£48.00
Feather and EggDuck Egg and Denim£48.00
Fern & DragonflyRaspberry£48.00
Fern & DragonflySmoke£48.00
Fern & DragonflyLichen£48.00
Fern & DragonflySpeedwell£48.00
Fern & DragonflyWater£48.00
Fern & DragonflyHay£48.00
Flora & FaunaRaspberry£48.00
Flora & FaunaClay and Charcoal£48.00
Flora & FaunaCharcoal£48.00
Flora & FaunaMushroom and Raspberry£48.00
Flora & FaunaLettuce and Charcoal£48.00
Flora & FaunaDuck Egg and Denim£48.00
For The Love of RoseDuck Egg Charcoal£49.50
For The Love of RoseMushroom Raspberry£49.50
For The Love of RoseCornflower£49.50
For The Love of RoseClay Damson£49.50
For The Love of RoseLimestone Charcoal£49.50
For The Love of RoseDove Charcoal£49.50
For The Love of RoseDusky Pink Whippet£49.50
For The Love of RoseSaffron Charcoal£49.50
Four SeasonsSpeedwell Denim and Straw£48.00
Four SeasonsSea Pink and Olive£48.00
French FloralSoft Duck Egg£48.00
French TickingMushroom and Raspberry£48.00
French TickingClay and Charcoal£48.00
French TickingDuck Egg and Denim£48.00
French TickingButtercup and Clay£48.00
French TickingLimestone Smoke£48.00
French TickingClay Damson£48.00
Gypsy GarlandDuck Egg£49.50
Gypsy GarlandCornflower£49.50
Gypsy GarlandSmoke£49.50
Gypsy GarlandClay£49.50
Gypsy GarlandCharcoal£49.50
Gypsy GarlandDamson£49.50
Gypsy GarlandDove£49.50
Gypsy GarlandSaffron£49.50
Gypsy GarlandWhippet£49.50
Harris TweedGrass£68.00
Harris TweedSea£68.00
Harris TweedStorm£68.00
Harris TweedBracken£68.00
Harris TweedHeather£68.00
Harris TweedPeat£68.00
Harris TweedSky£68.00
Lapland StripeSmoke Duck Egg Hay£56.00
Lapland StripeCornflower Terracotta Damask£56.00
Lapland StripeDove Saffron Charcoal£56.00
Lapland StripeDuck Egg Cornflower£56.00
Lapland StripePigeon Forget-me-not Damson£56.00
Lazy DaisyCranberry and Sea Pink£48.00
Leaf DanceDuck Egg Charcoal£49.50
Leaf DanceSmoke Charcoal£49.50
Leaf DanceDamson Charcoal£49.50
Leaf DanceDove Charcoal£49.50
Leaf DanceSaffron Charcoal£49.50
Life & Eternity DetailStone£48.00
Life & Eternity DetailTeal£48.00
Life & Eternity DetailCharcoal£48.00
Life & Eternity GroundTeal£48.00
Life & Eternity GroundPigeon£48.00
Little LeafForget-me-not and Denim£48.00
Little LeafRaspberry£48.00
MomoKale Indigo£49.50
MomoLight Duck Egg Forget-me-not£49.50
MomoLight Pigeon Saffron£49.50
MomoTangerine Sweet Pea£49.50
Nature StudyHay Field Green and Raspberry£48.00
Nordic StripeReindeer Cornflower£56.00
Nordic StripeReindeer Raspberry£56.00
OrigamiCharcoal Indigo£49.50
OrigamiIndigo Kale£49.50
OrigamiLight Duck Egg Forget-me-not£49.50
OrigamiPigeon Saffron£49.50
OrigamiSaffron Pigeon£49.50
OrigamiSweet Pea Tangerine£49.50
OrigamiTurquoise Saffron£49.50
Paisley Ground Limestone and Raspberry£48.00
Paisley GroundHay Charcoal and Clay£48.00
Paisley GroundApple Green and Raspberry£48.00
Pie in the SkySpeedwell and Straw£48.00
Pie in the SkyDuck Egg and Speedwell£48.00
Pie in the SkyOlive and Sea Pink£48.00
Plain CheckDamson£48.00
Plain CheckRaspberry£48.00
Plain CheckSmoke£48.00
Plain CheckLichen£48.00
Plain CheckHay£48.00
Plain CheckClay Charcoal£48.00
Plain DottyStone£48.00
Plain DottyCornflower£48.00
Plain DottyDuck Egg£48.00
Plain LinenCream£46.00
Plain LinenDove£46.00
Plain LinenDuck Egg£46.00
Plain LinenMushroom£46.00
Plain LinenPigeon£46.00
Plain LinenRaspberry£46.00
Plain LinenSaffron£46.00
Plain LinenSmoke£46.00
Plain LinenStone£46.00
Plain LinenSweet Pea£46.00
Plain LinenTeal£46.00
Plain LinenTurquoise£46.00
Pretty MaidsDuck Egg Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsSmoke Limestone Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsLimestone Smoke Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsCream Saffron Charcoal£49.50
Pretty MaidsSaffron Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsMushroom Raspberry£49.50
Pretty MaidsDuck Egg Pumpkin and Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsMushroom Teal and Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsTeal and Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsClay and Sweet Pea£49.50
Pretty MaidsPigeon Teal Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsSweet Pea and Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsDove and Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsDusky Pink and Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsWinter£49.50
Pretty MaidsLime Teal and Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsLime Sweet Pea and Winter£49.50
Pretty MaidsLime and Winter£49.50
Scandi StripeCool£56.00
Scandi StripeWarm£56.00
Seashells and SandForget-me-not and Denim£48.00
Seaweed and ShellsDenim Forget£48.00
ShiboriCharcoal Tangerine£49.50
ShiboriDark Pigeon£49.50
ShiboriDark Pigeon Primrose£49.50
ShiboriIndigo Kale£49.50
ShiboriKale Charcoal£49.50
ShiboriLight Duck Egg Forget-me-not£49.50
ShiboriLight Pigeon£49.50
ShiboriLight Pigeon Saffron£49.50
ShiboriTangerine Sweet Pea£49.50
Simple SpotDuck Egg and Speedwell£48.00
Simple SpotOlive and Sea Pink£48.00
Simple Ticking DetailDormouse£49.50
Simple Ticking DetailCharcoal£49.50
Simple Ticking DetailBrick£49.50
Simple Ticking DetailTeal£49.50
Simple Ticking DetailForget-me-not£49.50
Simple Ticking DetailKale£49.50
Simple Ticking DetailSweet Pea£49.50
Simple Ticking GroundPigeon£48.00
Simple Ticking GroundTeal£48.00
Song BirdsMushroom and Raspberry£48.00
Song BirdsButtercup Clay and Charcoal£48.00
Stockholm StripeClay and Sweet Pea£49.50
Stockholm StripeDove Saffron Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeSaffron Dove Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeDuck Egg Pumpkin and Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeMushroom Teal and Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeTeal Mushroom and Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeTeal Lime and Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeSweet Pea and Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeDove and Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeTerracotta Charcoal Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeLime and Sweet Pea£49.50
Stockholm StripeLime and Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeTeal Tomato Winter£49.50
Stockholm StripeWhippet Dusky Pink Winter£49.50
Stripe & DashCranberry£48.00
Stripe & DashStone and Cranberry£48.00
Stripe & DashStone Duck Egg and Denim£48.00
Stripe & DashCornflower Forget-me-not and Denim£48.00
Stripe & DashSand and Cornflower£48.00
Stripe & DashApple Green and Raspberry£48.00
Stripe & DashLimestone and Raspberry£48.00
Stripe & DashDuck Egg and Cornflower£48.00
Swallow DiveDuck Egg and Speedwell£48.00
Swallow DiveSea Pink£48.00
Up in the AirDuck Egg Speedwell and Cornflower£48.00
Up in the AirCloud Smoke and Stone£48.00
Up The Garden PathDuck Egg£49.50
Up The Garden PathMushroom£49.50
Up The Garden PathTeal£49.50
Up The Garden PathPumpkin£49.50
Up The Garden PathSweet Pea£49.50
Up The Garden PathDove£49.50
Up The Garden PathDusky Pink£49.50
Up The Garden PathWinter£49.50
Up The Garden PathLime£49.50
VelvetLake Blue£58.00
Wild & FreeDamask Brick£49.50
Wild & FreeDormouse£49.50
Wild & FreeKale Charcoal£49.50
Wild & FreeLimestone Soft Charcoal£49.50
Wild & FreeMallow Dormouse£49.50
Wild & FreePigeon Soft Charcoal£49.50
Wild & FreeSaffron Dormouse£49.50
Wild & FreeSmoke Charcoal£49.50
Wild & FreeTeal Soft Charcoal£49.50
Wild & FreeTerracotta Charcoal£49.50
Wild & FreeTomato£49.50
Wild RoseMushroom and Raspberry£48.00
Wild RoseButtercup Clay and Charcoal£48.00
Woodland WalkStone£48.00
Woodland WalkField Green£48.00