Our Blinds
  • Roman
  • Traditional Rod Pockets
  • Hand made
  • No Stitch Lines
    on the face fabric
  • Interlined Hand Mitred Corners
  • Capped Rods & Bars
  • Herringbone Stitched
  • Brass RIngs
  • Blackout Lined
  • Choice of
    Chain Finishes

1. The Roman Blinds we make

We make hand made Roman blinds with the following options.

  • Cotton lined
  • Cotton lined & interlined
  • Blackout lined

2. The way we make them

We work on making beautiful, high quality products, not on how quickly or cheaply things can be made.

Here’s why we describe our Roman blinds as beautifully hand made.

  • No stitch lines through to the face of the blind. (We hand stab stitch)
  • Traditional rod pockets sewn into the cotton lining. (No cheap lining tape)
  • Interlined blinds are finished with hand mitred corners.
  • Hand stitched brass rings to guide the cords.
  • End caps on all the rods and bottom bar to protect the blind from wear.
  • Our interlined blinds are made the traditional way with a layer of interlining herringbone stitched in with the fabric, then covered with cotton lining.

3. The materials we use

We don't skimp on the quality to try and save a few pennies.

Here are examples of the materials we use and finishing touches we offer as standard.

  • Capped rods and Bars
  • 100% sateen cotton linings
  • Brass rings
  • Choice of chain finishes
  • Interlining we have found that is the best suited to blinds
  • We use fabrics that we know the quality of and trust.

*Note all our Roman blinds come with high quality chain mechanisms in a choice of chain finishes. We no longer make and supply traditional covered wooden batten, cleat and acorn blinds as they do not comply with new EU child safety legislation.